Modern StoneCrete is your local concrete artist.


There are endless possibilities in designing your perfect creation. We can customize all of your ideas and bring them to life.



We specialize in doing amazing things with concrete. Experience the beauty of thousands of different looks with the durability and functionality of concrete.



Beautiful concrete countertops are the beautiful conversation piece every kitchen needs. 

Almost anyone can do it!


Stamped concrete tiles are a new patent pending way to create a stamped concrete surface over existing concrete without requiring any special concrete skills or experience. 

This new Stamped Concrete Tile method was created as an easier way for anyone to be able to do stamped concrete jobs and achieve a perfect pattern and texture every time. 

This revolutionary new system makes it possible to beautify your landscaping whether you are a contractor or do-it-yourselfer, you will be able to achieve a perfect decorative stamped finish over existing walkways, pool decks, porches, patios, driveways, and many other surfaces!



Beautiful & Durable


Concrete is inexpensive, durable, and much more customizable than any other solid surface. The use of colors and textures are endless. Concrete can be molded into just about any shape, while retaining all of the advantages of being a solid surface.

Since our concrete products are handmade using natural materials, the finished product color may vary from our sample colors. All of our concrete counter tops are sealed with a topical sealer that locks out germs and bacteria, the surface can be cleaned with any mild non-abrasive household cleaning product. While concrete counter tops are more durable than most, we advise against cutting directly on them. We recommend using a cutting board to prevent scratching the sealer off of the surface.



Dangerous and Ugly to Beautiful and Lovely!


Turn that broken, cracked or uneven concrete from an eyesore to a show-stopper! Modern StoneCrete's process repairs and resurfaces ugly and dangerous cracked sidewalks into works of art.

Whether you want a simple, traditional walkway or the appearance of wood planks, Modern StoneCrete can match the look and fee of any style of home. 



Freshen it up!


Modern StoneCrete specializes in turning bland into beautiful. That plain driveway can be the most welcoming feature to your new home! Our overlay process brings a distinct, custom look to the that drab, boring driveway or parking lot.



Custom concrete furniture is a solid choice!


Concrete furniture is customizable and more resistant to chipping, cracks, and scratches than any other type of furniture!